About Us


Mr Syed Fawad Ullah is Founder of Self Defence Karate World Association (SDKWA) & General Secretory WFSKO South India. Founded in 2002 to teach the art of self defence to one and all in the society who are willing to learn.

SDKWA is a nonprofit association based in South India (Karnataka State, Bangalore City) which is associated with World Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Organisation – South India (WFSKO-SI), one of the prestigious, recognized, karate association in INDIA.

Under the guidance of National Chief Hassan M Ismail, and World Chief  Kenneth Funakoshi & Kyle Funakoshi who provide administrative and practical directions to all the activities of SDKWA.

SDKWA was highly appreciated for its social service by many, It has devoted its effort to inherit and train the art, which will showcase the best usage of its precious knowledge; SDKWA aims to contribute the world peace by teaching the art of self-defence which can be used in any kind of uncertain situation.

Mr. Fawad Master, who is passionate about the art self defence right from his child wood, have participated in various State, National and International tournaments and won many medals to the country, Even after completing his Master in Business Administration (MBA) from one of the reputed collage Cardiff Metropolitan University , United Kingdom, were life changes for many to lead the life luxurious by joining any big company, he continued to learn and train the art of self defence following his passion which resulted him to grow to this level. He proved that education is only a stepping stone which will help you to understand how to live in society but if you really want to live your life then follow you own passion. 




Karate is a Japanese based martial art, techniques developed in Okinawa, that focuses on Self defence using punches, kicks & blocks.

Despite this emphasis, other techniques such as joint locks, throws and leg sweep is also included in the system. Karate is one of the few martial arts to contain such a wide range of techniques.

The word Karate is composed of two characters.
The first, pronounced ‘kara’ means ‘empty’ and has zen connotations.
The second pronounced ‘te’ means ‘hand’ and so karate can be translated as “empty hand”.

Gichin Funakoshi, the father of modern karate, wrote, As a mirror’s polished  surface reflects whatever stands before it  and quiet  valley carries even small sounds, so must the student of Karate-Do  render their mind empty of selfishness and wickedness in an effort  to react  appropriately  toward  anything  they might encounter.


Every Child to become self-confident & Disciplined, Need to respect each & everyone especially elders.


We in WFSKO believe in team work, as we stand tall we appreiciate each and everyone of our team who have taken WFSKO to this golden stage.