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Master Syed Fawad Ullah

Living Karate Tiger, so named because of his fearless fighting skills and courage, Famous and respected through out the world.

He is been practicing Karate for more than 20 years, represented National & International Martial Art competitions and won many medals.

                Founder and Chief                           SELF DEFENCE KARATE ASSOCIATION.

FURTHER National federation (WFSKO)   recognized him with Chief and General Secretory for South India.

He is been Internationally Certified by Kancho Kenneth Yoshinobu Funakoshi, founder of the Funakoshi Shotokan Karate Association who is fourth cousin to Master Gichin Funakoshi –(the founder of Modern Karate).



Is Karate good for fitness?

Yes, karate has fitness benefits, both aerobic and anaerobic depending on the intensity of the workout. It also will improve flexibility through stretching and strength from exercises.

What are the benefits of learning karate?

Karate will help to improve your confidence and respect. Practicing karate also helps to improve discipline and mental toughness . These mental benefits can then be used in your everyday life. The great thing about karate is that it’s a fun workout.

What does karate do to your body?

In karate, an individual uses the hands, feet, and elbows for self-defense. karate  focuses more on the legs and kicking, and less on the hands and upper body. Taekwondo is good for strengthening and toning the lower body.

Is Karate good for self defense?

Yes, karate is good for self defense. It certainly can be great for self defense, but there are a few caveats. If someone’s goal is only self defense there are certainly more efficient ways to become proficient.

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It was my child dream to learn Martial Arts. I couldn't find a better place and better team than this.Karate has positive impact on me, thanks to my master and the team.
WFSKO South India Administrator
One should be proud and happy to see the dream come true

Samiksha Jain
HR in Talent acquisition
There are few areas in my life impacted by the class.
Schedule: Morning class fit with my routine.Rest on alternate days gives me enough time to cover.
Discipline: Unconsciously it keeps me in check to take up difficult tasks on time and that reflects in my life.
Travel and learning: Competition throughout the country keeps us engaged to learn more.
Over all it keeps me fit and active
Ashish Chaturvedi
Senior Software Engineer
Passion come true after being part of the great karate organisation.

Nishath Zaiba

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